Update on Aggravated Battery by Cutting on Decatur Street

This is a follow up to this press release

Suspect Identified in Aggravated Battery by Cutting on Decatur Street


As my followers know I have been following crime in New Orleans for some time and I pick certain stories to follow them through to the completion of the case. Unlike other cases in this one I am in touch with people on both sides of the situation. In the future I may write a blog about some of this subculture.

This situation is extremely interesting to me for numerous reasons.

Race factor everyone is white and it’s between females. So called “gutter punk” community has been a thorn in the side of New Orleans. Police search – the NOPD sent out a multitude of detectives to search for the suspect and increased patrols, a move I rarely even see for murder suspects.

Current impact on the so called “gutter punk” community in visible areas of New Orleans or lack thereof.

An arrest warrant has been issued for “Tabitha Diane Ryan”

Older Facebook page for Tabitha Ryan

Current Facebook page of  Tabitha Ryan

For many years, New Orleans has been saturated with what is known as “gutter punks”. A different term for them is travelers. These are people who appear homeless but they are different from homeless people because it is often a life they choose.

Brad Bohannan an owner of Turtle Bay on Decatur St and Spirits on Bourbon a bar featured on Bar Rescue discussed dealing with them in a 2014 interview.

Some people even locals find them very interesting and a fun addition to the culture as they often camp out trying to provide some value to passers-by in hopes to earn a donation or perhaps someone will buy them some liquor.



This situation is actively being played out currently on social media primarily Facebook.  The supposed victim Eleonora Little took to Facebook to make the below video and post multiple photo’s and comments along with many others. In the video she makes reference to a gang term of “greenlight”.



The community supporting Eleonora Little seemed largely unware of the police involvement until days after the NOPD press release.  Eleonora in Facebook statements said that she did not “rat” that the police showed up with the EMT’s and that someone else gave the police the name Tabitha Ryan.


Ellie’s  Facebook page is currently not active for some reason https://www.facebook.com/ellie.little3

Meanwhile Tabitha who is yet to be arrested for the charge seems to be claiming self defense. This story is still playing out!

Facebook post on behalf of Tabitha by  Summer Pearl – jessica.stivers.7 

“On behalf of Tabitha , Ellie little is alive . She’s breathing and healing , and alive . I’m grateful that she’s well and I never wanted to hurt her.
This all needs to stop before more innocent ppl get hurt for no reason. I never wanted her to get hurt. Now there taking it too far , posting pictures of my siblings, there address and my family. And commenting on memorial post about my deceased ex which is unfair to him and his family. He had nothing to do with this, nor did my family. It all needs to stop now. I never wanted any of this to happen. I’m devastated and traumatized by this whole situation, I ran away screaming call 911 somebody help me, I need help. Everything went way to far, I did not plan to hurt her with any weapons or my fist, in fact I was admiring her for playing the washboard with bottle caps , and only wanted to make friends. Everything went to far because she decided in her drunk state she didn’t like me and now I have to live with this for the rest of my life. I never had hatred toward her and I still don’t. This needs to stop before it goes any further. Thank you family for your love and support. And anyone who I thought was my family who was slandering my name or doesn’t remember our relationship and wants to take the side of a complete stranger stay the fuck off my shit and my family’s shit. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.”


Additional posts made by Ellie (Eleonora Little ) prior to her page being removed



These are pictures of Tabitha Ryan from her Facebook pages


These are some older photo’s before she adopted this lifestyle

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