Update from ProjectNOLA

Post below from ProjectNOLA on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ProjectNOLA/posts/10153107490899579

“We’ve had recently installed crime cameras catch criminal acts, but what just happened may have set another record for us. After just going live on our non-profit crime camera system this morning, a ProjectNOLA crime camera on Rue Michele St. in Algiers just captured it’s first residential burglary suspect. ProjectNOLA was on the phone with the NOPD command desk while officers were making an apprehension. Interestingly enough, the arrested subject may be the same person that our crime cameras recorded while in the immediate area of another recent burglary. Again… many thanks to those who participate with the ProjectNOLA non-profit crime camera system. Anyone interested in hosting a ProjectNOLA crime camera is highly encouraged to call us at 298-9117. Together, we are all making a difference!!!”

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