Tundra and his spread of the supposed “Java” in display fields of Twitter

Update: 1/24/2018


After this conversation on Twitter Tundra coined the term “Tweet Injection”


end updated content



Started with him asking @SiskoBrown for advice about how someone on Twitter could get your IP address.

https://twitter.com/SiskoBrown/status/587840248828137472 i dont know the exact mechanism involved.

https://twitter.com/SiskoBrown/status/587840172173041664 i know mary used or uses tor that may mask her true ip address. not sure since

https://twitter.com/SiskoBrown/status/587839944757874688 a client that has been written to reveal that info.

https://twitter.com/SiskoBrown/status/587834761256669185 thats fucked as and all BULLSHIT.

https://twitter.com/SiskoBrown/status/587832654277414912 sources tell me it is “”possible”” with a “”special”” client”

https://twitter.com/SiskoBrown/status/587818628235464705 is that a screenshot of your client or some1 else?

https://twitter.com/SiskoBrown/status/587818050608463872 site

https://twitter.com/SiskoBrown/status/587818011706269696 another way could be via images from an external

https://twitter.com/SiskoBrown/status/587817877685698560 name field your browser will run that and report.

https://twitter.com/SiskoBrown/status/587817752754139136 more if they can put a javascript in the display

https://twitter.com/SiskoBrown/status/587817605538283522 that looks like a modified client.

https://twitter.com/SiskoBrown/status/587816066727841792 be javascript in the Name field.

https://twitter.com/SiskoBrown/status/587815924310212609 the only other way I can think of right now would

https://twitter.com/SiskoBrown/status/587814368647086080 could get your ip.

https://twitter.com/SiskoBrown/status/587814300774830080 if you went to a webpage of thiers then yes they

https://twitter.com/SiskoBrown/status/587814205778046976 Im not aware of a way from within twitter…

https://twitter.com/wizardsstingers/status/603419625175404544 @God317 @KNationStB

3/3 Lemma think…. Hmm…it will come to me…..hmmm…. Java script-Parody account–in my DM’s–turned into Truth?”

https://twitter.com/wizardsstingers/status/603419248745000960 “@God317 @KNationStB

2/2…. I then found…when I downloaded my TL (saved untouched)….a few in my followers list….had Java in names.”

https://twitter.com/wizardsstingers/status/603418889997852673 @God317 @KNationStB

I have the original tweet.

THE only way to open it was to have the original.

It linked…..to a US security company”

https://twitter.com/wizardsstingers/status/603418572895879168 @KNationStB

Ah. Well…I have Stacks logs safely stored….under your name. I shall have corrected first thing tomorrow.”

https://twitter.com/wizardsstingers/status/603417879434760193 @KNationStB







Same lawyer!

Does he/she want….another client?


https://twitter.com/wizardsstingers/status/603416955236651009 @KNationStB

I have that “”log”” that you sent me re “”spoofed texts””. I recognize the time frame.

I have that log saved with “”other”” stuff”

https://twitter.com/wizardsstingers/status/603416563429965824 @KNationStB

I would seriously take that phone…and drop it at a lawyers office…buy new phone.

Seriously…Lawyers office.”

https://twitter.com/wizardsstingers/status/603415875039830016 @KNationStB

So…forget the Java script message mostly but look at front part.


Easter was a long time ago.”

https://twitter.com/wizardsstingers/status/603415476048240640 @KNationStB

I have saved it dutifully for you. I will have it stored in 5 separate places in the world. Along…with all my “”findings””.”

https://twitter.com/wizardsstingers/status/603414867945521152 @KNationStB

I had to ask an old friend to open up a link I got. Turns out it was Java script. Lead right 2 a personal network. I saved it”

https://twitter.com/wizardsstingers/status/603414295703990272 @KNationStB

More of that Java script! Hey @God317 names….java script. Remember?

OH! And that java script tweet injection

OH..and MORE”

https://twitter.com/wizardsstingers/status/603413841414721537 @KNationStB

I am going to say thank you. However….I couldn’t even begin to decipher. What part should I save/google/sendd to feds?”

https://twitter.com/DrJakeFixesYou/status/587827937296064512 RT @firebrand65: @SiskoBrown @maryteatowel @DRJakeFixesYou @TundraGlobal are you saying they put JavaScript in their own name field which r…

https://twitter.com/DrJakeFixesYou/status/587827937296064512 RT @firebrand65: @SiskoBrown @maryteatowel @DRJakeFixesYou @TundraGlobal are you saying they put JavaScript in their own name field which r…

https://twitter.com/DrJakeFixesYou/status/587827848620060672 RT @SiskoBrown: @maryteatowel @DRJakeFixesYou @TundraGlobal @hiramabiffarch @KNationStB @twitter @Support site

https://twitter.com/DrJakeFixesYou/status/587827820081979392 RT @SiskoBrown: @maryteatowel @DRJakeFixesYou @TundraGlobal @hiramabiffarch @KNationStB @twitter @Support another way could be via images f…

https://twitter.com/DrJakeFixesYou/status/587827782358401025 RT @SiskoBrown: @maryteatowel @DRJakeFixesYou @TundraGlobal @hiramabiffarch @KNationStB @twitter @Support name field your browser will run …

https://twitter.com/DrJakeFixesYou/status/587827733981335553 RT @SiskoBrown: @maryteatowel @DRJakeFixesYou @TundraGlobal @hiramabiffarch @KNationStB @twitter @Support more if they can put a javascript…

https://twitter.com/DrJakeFixesYou/status/587827653341614080 RT @maryteatowel: @SiskoBrown @DRJakeFixesYou @TundraGlobal @hiramabiffarch @KNationStB @twitter @Support they could get my ip from the jav…

https://twitter.com/DrJakeFixesYou/status/587815661780406273 RT @SiskoBrown: @DRJakeFixesYou @maryteatowel @hiramabiffarch @KNationStB @twitter @stalkermom3001 @Support Im not aware of a way from with…

https://twitter.com/DrJakeFixesYou/status/587815566892605440 @maryteatowel @SiskoBrown

2/2 I actually have SCRIPT Pics on my main @TundraGlobal acct

@hiramabiffarch @KNationStB @twitter @Support”

https://twitter.com/DrJakeFixesYou/status/587815421740318720 @maryteatowel @SiskoBrown

SEVERAL of us have had our twitter accts. ALL related.. 1/2

@hiramabiffarch @KNationStB @twitter @Support”

https://twitter.com/DrJakeFixesYou/status/587815037454041088 RT @maryteatowel: @SiskoBrown @DRJakeFixesYou @hiramabiffarch @KNationStB @twitter @stalkermom3001 @Support i have never been to this perso…

https://twitter.com/DrJakeFixesYou/status/587815005715742720 RT @SiskoBrown: @DRJakeFixesYou @maryteatowel @hiramabiffarch @KNationStB @twitter @stalkermom3001 @Support could get your ip.

https://twitter.com/DrJakeFixesYou/status/587814976342986752 RT @SiskoBrown: @DRJakeFixesYou @maryteatowel @hiramabiffarch @KNationStB @twitter @stalkermom3001 @Support if you went to a webpage of thi…

https://twitter.com/DrJakeFixesYou/status/587814913831112704 @SiskoBrown

Agreed. BUT!!! @maryteatowel was only on TWITTER with HER ACCT! No connection

@hiramabiffarch @KNationStB @twitter @Support”

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