Random follow up on warrants for those involved in Bourbon St shooting Robert Benvenuti and Justin Odom

You remember the infamous Bourbon Street shooting right? The one where at least 10 people were shot and at least one killed. I use the word at least because we do not know for sure who didn’t report being shot.

Remember there was a person of interest in that “Justin Odom” and then a different person of interest “Joe”. It would turn out than Joe was Trung Le and is currently awaiting trial in New Orleans.

Justin Odom turned himself in with an attorney and was booked on an unrelated warrant. After being released he was then quickly re-arrested for disturbing the peace – public intoxication.

Further Justin, Trung, and Robert Benvenuti along with others were all in the same group. Robert Benvenuti was also a victim in the shooting.

Well a follow up.

1. Trung Le is still in OPP awaiting trial and has a Jefferson Warrant to deal with when he gets out.

2. Robert Benvenuti didn’t show up for a Jefferson Parish court date and has an attachment for his arrest out of JP since 12/02/2014. This is related to a possession case.

3. Justin Odom failed to show up for court on 1/13/2015 for that same charge that he was arrested for after turning himself in on and also the new public intoxication charge. His attorney intends to withdraw from the case.

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