Peek at my Facebook privacy settings over last few years

Some of what I share on Facebook may not be considered appropriately viewable by potential employers or co-workers.

** 2013 update I have now made this post available to all friends and am re-sharing it as a reminder of my privacy stance.

Moving forward I expect to notch the social networking up not down.   I’ve taken great care in deciding what information I share and who I will share it with.  In reality the Facebook friend count should be in the thousands but Facebook’s lack of advanced administrative tools make it difficult to ensure privacy is kept in order.  Currently it is also way too easy to accidently click the wrong thing and put someone is the wrong list.

—–“THEN – My current Facebook friend count was 311, of those 230 of you have the ability to read this note. Many of these 311 people I have not met but most I have either met or previously interacted with heavily. Recently I have decided to embrace Twitter more and allow Facebook to be a little more intimate. If Facebook or third party developers can make Facebook easier to interact with this may change.”

Currently 2015 – 248 friends

(2013 update friend count is 229 and I expect it to go down further today) will update this post.

2013 Arpril update I am down to 188 friends on Facebook now.

Make no mistake that the information you are seeing on Facebook is not shared with everyone and for whatever reason I decided to group people the way I have.  As time is available I will try to keep up with this as an ongoing task.

If you are really curious at this point all of my Tweets are going to Facebook and by default shared with the same list that sees this note.  Some of my Tweets will be upgraded to public on Facebook.

* 2013 update I’ve stopped doing this I don’t want anyone publicly so see anything but my profile pic, cover pic, and networks I am on. All my tweets no go to Facebook friend list and some I remove if they are only intended for Twitter.

Facebook is extremely powerful but it is far more complex than you can probably imagine. Hope to hear from you soon.

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