NOPD shirt guy sentenced today for 3rd arrest of police impersonation






Alexander Collins DOB 2/16/1994

Today the NOPD shirt guy Alexander Collins DOB 2/16/1994 plead guilty and was sentenced for a second time on the charge RS 14 112.1 “False personation of a peace officer”. Today’s sentence was 2 years at DOC at hard labor concurrent with these counts: Any other sentence > The defendant is given credit for time served from 4/27/2017. State agreed not to file multiple bill.

Mr. Collins appeared to have plead guilty today such to avoid delays and move on with the sentence. Two years at hard labor and one thousand dollars is the maximum sentence for that charge.


I’ve written before about this


He’s been arrested now at least three times for the same change of “False personation of a peace officer”. His first documented NOPD arrest for this charge appears to have been refused by the DA.


The next arrest he was sentenced for 1 year and is currently in prison serving that sentence.


My previous blogs text is duplicated below and full blog available at about link.


The man who runs around the French Quarter, city buses, and Street Cars wearing a NOPD shirt has been arrested yet again for impersonation of a police officer. He usually acts in a manner that would lead you to believe he is affiliated with the police.

I’ve seen this guy around a whole lot and sometimes even interacting with police officers. He can almost always be found on Bourbon Street on any weekend night. Having worked in the French Quarter myself and hanging out in local spots in the area I saw him at least three times a week, always in NOPD shirt. On numerous occasions I’ve had conversations with him and he told me he was going through some type of program such as an internship.

He usually wears tactical looking pants and keeps handcuffs in his pants with no handcuff case and carries no visible handgun or badge.

He was arrested once on 10/16/2015 for “FALSE PERSONATION OF A PEACE OFFICER” and “CRIMINAL MISCHIEF FALSE REPORT” It appears by court records that those charges were accepted on 2/4/2015.

He was arrested a different time on 2/15/2015 giving himself a birthday present of spending the night in jail. The charge this time is again “FALSE PERSONATION OF A PEACE OFFICER” his bond is set for $10,000.

Based on court records he was to have a bond reduction hearing on 2/19/2016 but no one appeared on his behalf. I will follow up to see what the updates are I feel he will be in jail for at least a week if not more.

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