New Orleans newest addition a homeless thief

Update: 10:15PM 6/7/2018

After writing this blog I learned from a state trooper that last night he got naked and went to Canal Street promoting a police response. That information is not confirmed but suspect it to be correct. I’ve also learned that he was just released from Tulane hospital two days ago which explains the gown he was wearing yesterday. My guess is that he is current in a the psych ward at University. Also I did not mention in the blog below but during his latest stay in Orleans Parish they housed him in Elayn Hunt Correctional Center psych ward. Given this info I had even a higher confidence level that once released from the hospital he will certainly be making himself known in the French Quarter.

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This blog is written mainly for people who work in or park their vehicles in the French Quarter. The purpose of this blog is not to shame Mr. Stanton but rather raise awareness of his presence and his modus operandi. Also if you come across him you will know his backstory.

As I detail shortly he had only been out of jail now for approximately 5 days on the day this blog was written which is 6/7/2018. I’m extremely confident that once David Stanton sobers up today and makes a trip to the homeless shelter which is sure to provide him with a change of clean clothes and a bath that he will begin breaking into vehicles or homes and/or steal from businesses. When David and I spoke he did advise me that he prefers to steal from businesses because that way no person is harmed.

Thanks to our Orleans Parish justice system David Stanton has no local wants or warrants and is not on probation or parole as the courts allowed him to walk away with time served for his multiple felony arrests in New Orleans.

Be aware that David Stanton does claim to be HIV positive.

David Stanton is a homeless man likely with mental heath issues. When Mr. Stanton is out free he gets high on crack cocaine and alcohol among other drugs. In order to achieve this high he steals either from vehicles or merchandise from stores. This information came directly from him to myself verbally.

Yesterday I saw David Stanton passed out on Bourbon Street. I approached him attempted to awake him to which he barely responded. I made the decision to let him be after I spent about 10 minutes making sure he was at least responsive.

Below is a picture taken during the above interaction.

I was well aware that David Stanton had just been released from jail on 6/1/2018. He had been in jail since 3/8/2018 for a charge of theft $1500 or more and refusing to ID by giving false info along with a municipal charge for aggressive panhandling. Prior to this he had only been out of jail since 3/3/2018.

I first came across David Stanton because he was in my vehicle burglarizing it. I made a citizens arrest on 1/25/2018 for simple burglary which the New Orleans DA allowed him to plea down to trespassing and was released.

There were only 4 full days for which Mr. Stanton was out on the street before the arrest on 03/08/2018. During this 4-day period I made contact with Mr. Stanton where I came across him on the exact same intersection where he broke into my vehicle on the corner of Conti and Burgundy. David and I spent nearly an hour or more together discussing the situation to which he apologized to me for breaking into the vehicle. I bought him a soft drink and a pizza and at one point created a quick video of him explaining that me calling the police was a good thing for him. That video can be found here .

At the time he broke into my vehicle he had been released ROR (without a need for bond) for a 11/09/2017 arrest for possession of stolen things.

When I made the citizens arrest of him I could tell it wasn’t his first rodeo which prompted me to look at his criminal record and the lack of one except the one prior arrest in Orleans Parish. Suspecting he was new to the city I looked elsewhere and was able to locate his criminal history from Key West, Florida. When we interacted he explained to me that he uses the hurricane as an excuse for why he relocated but the real reason was that the “dope boys” were after him in Key West. This relocation from Key West to New Orleans was late 2017. This explains why there is no criminal history in New Orleans prior to his 11/09/2017 arrest.

His Florida prison inmate release history is below

His mugshot from most recent two arrests below.

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