UPDATED: Police reports Kenner man Johnny Washington 20 years for armed robbery & felon with a firearm from a 2013 arrest

A Kenner man who had been awaiting trial for armed robbery and felon with a firearm changed his plea and is finally facing justice.

On Thursday January 15, 2015 Johnny Washington a black male born 7/25/1994 of 340 WEBSTER ST Kenner, LA changed his plea of not guilty and plead guilty to two counts and was sentenced to 20 years of hard labor without the possibility of parole.

He was faced charges of:

14:64 Armed robbery http://legis.la.gov/lss/lss.asp?doc=78597

14:95.1 Possession of firearm or carrying concealed weapon by a person convicted of certain felonies http://www.legis.state.la.us/lss/lss.asp?doc=78740

Johnny Washington has been in the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center (JPCC) fighting this charge since his arrest on November 21st, 2013. He had previously been released from JPCC 3/1/2013 for other crimes detailed below. Johnny Washington is also known to go by the name BangBang and LL.

According to the police report:

Detailed in screen shot


Johnny Washington was identified in a photo lineup as the person who brandished a sawed off shotgun. He pointed it at the victim as a means of intimidation and demanded the belongings that were in the victims immediate control. The victim handed over his cell phone and wallet containing cash and credit cards. Johnny Washington ordered the victim the a shed and instructed him to not exit for five minutes. Upon existing, the victim saw Johnny Washington enter the house next door to the incident. A search warrant executed on the home that the arrestee was seen entering resulting in locating clothing and a mask that Johnny Washington was wearing at the time of the incident and the firearm used in the incident. Johnny Washington was known to police and was located walking on a nearby street. Johnny Washington was read his rights from a standard form which he signed as understanding and waiver. He provided a statement admitting that he robbed the victim to pay back money owed to another person. Johnny Washington had a previous conviction for simple burglary, a felony, dated 2/25/2013. The firearm used in the incident was a Winchester shot gun with a modified barrel.

Johnny Washington attorney was able to convince the court to allow DNA evidence to be sent to Dr. Carolyn Van Winkle, Office of Chief Medical Examiner, Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s District to compare DNA samples from the scene with those of Mr. Washington.

The results of DNA testing seemed to delay the case. While awaiting trial Johnny Washington had an outburst in the court room which earned him 6 months of “flat time”. Upon him pleading guilty he was released on that contempt sentence.

The more serious charge here was armed robbery which he could be sentenced from 10 to 99 years.

The sentence “The Court sentenced the Defendant to imprisonment at hard labor for a term of 20 years.

The Court sentenced the Defendant to imprisonment at hard labor for a term of 20 years. The defendant is given credit for all time served. The Defendant is committed to the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections for execution of said sentence in conformity with L.S.A.-R.S. 15:824.

20 Years as to both counts of the sentence to be served without benefit of parole, probation, or suspension of sentence.

The court ordered the defendant to pay all court costs, fines (and an additional $45.00 PDO increase fine – partial reimbursement for services) and fees within 180 days of today’s date. The Court ordered the Defendant to give the State his/her Driver’s License and a temporary driving permit will be issued. The Defendant has been given 180 days to pay court costs, fines, and fees After 60 days (if an appeal is not pending) the Court will file a Civil Money Judgment which accrues judicial interest. If not paid in full within 180 days the Defendant’s driver’s license will be suspended.

The Court recommended any Drug Treatment Program offered by the Department of Corrections that the defendant is eligible for and has availability for the Defendant’s participation including but not limited to Blue Walters Program and/or any self-help treatment available for participation. “

Stepping back to prior arrests and convictions.

It appears Johnny Washington was already in the “Bridge City Correctional Center” or “Bridge City Center for Youth”. He had just had his 17th birthday the day before when he robbed another inmate while the inmate sitting at a table writing.


He then went on to resist officers by force after being settled in jail some time later which resulted in him being re-booked.


Fast forward to 2012 at 17 on 5/18/2012 he broke into a locked vehicle by punching out the driver’s door lock.


This is an example of good police work and justice served. Too bad we do not have more examples like this. These are the type of criminals that go on and commit horrific crimes were people get seriously hurt or killed.


Greg Lirette

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