Jefferson Parish currently incarcerated for sex crimes involving minors

An article peaked my interest yesterday especially the part about

“Louisiana Bureau of Investigation Cyber Crime Unit”

Looks like the Louisiana Attorney General has a small Cyber Crimes Unit  (CCU) which has been very active catching those that posses child porn. Of the arrest I list below does not suggest in any way that their arrests are related to this unit, I just found that interesting.

In Jefferson Parish currently incarcerated for sexual crimes involving minors and this is not a complete list we have:

ANDREWS, DAVID DOB 04/05/1960        04/05/1960 INDECENT BEHAVIOR W/JUVENILE. New case involves the younger sibling of a previous case in which he is currently on parole.


The rest of the cases involve possession of child porn generally with victim being under 13


Name                               DOB

ADAMS, HUGH  age 58 DOB unknown as charges are not yet filed

GIBSON, REX               08/09/1963

PANNELL, DON          09/13/1986

RICHOUX, EARL J       12/06/1982

SAMPEY, PHILLIP A   12/16/1983

A news article that just came out has more info on PANNELL, DON. It states “Petty Officer 2nd Class Don Edward Pannell II, 32, is accused of receiving child pornography, an allegation that stems from an undercover investigation by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The investigation focused on child exploitation.”


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  1. Great question. Actually he was charged on the federal level for child porn. He is now out on bond but JP refused the Parish charges because the U.S. government picked it up. Trial set for 8/12/2019 with a pretrial conference set for July 30,2019 at 2PM

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