HOWTO: Report a retweet for Twitter abuse and advantages in doing so – contact me for password

I’ve found a multitude of benefits to reporting a retweet. While I really don’t think that much of an abuse ranking is given to a user who RT’s abusive Tweets there is a case to be made here and many other benefits to reporting a RT.


The only way I have found to report a RT is to use the URL above. In addition the only way I have found to obtain the Retweet ID is via the API.


Explained here



  1. Overlapping use cases

You may want to build a case to suspend a user for an overlapping use case and prove it because they RT’ed a Tweet made from a different account of theirs


  1. Unintended consequence/side benefit of suspending original person who made the Tweet


You have an original attacker who is being abusive that you have reported but you are now reporting RT’s of the abusive Tweets. The person who is RT’ing is often also abusive but I have seen that my abuse report for the RT results in the suspension of the original account. Side note I have found that when you include multiple users Tweets on the same abuse report and all users have been reported under some case the unintended result is a suspension of one of the abusive users. On this note do not ever assume that a response from Twitter saying an account has been suspended makes it true, confirm yourself.


Recently I had a guy Tweet me from an account then RT those Tweets from his own. I had never seen the account before that he made the Tweet from but already had a case open for his account. His RT of his own account allowed me to get both suspended in one shot by reporting the RT’s and also calling attention to what he was doing.


  1. Grooming the Timeline

When you report a Tweet or a RT the Tweet is removed from your view. To expound when you are logged on to Twitter you view the users Tweets they will not appear, they do still appear to be in searches.

If I am being aggressive in reporting all abusive Tweets I am now going ahead and reporting the RT’s. It serves as a tracking method for me and easier for me to figure out which Tweets I reported.


  1. Account only Tweets RT’s and you need to make report on Tweets – self explained


Parsing out RT’s


Using tools that provide a log of sorts for Twitter accounts you may have to deal with data that contains a lot of RT’s. It may be desired to filter them out. You can do this programmatically at the time of data creation but I rather have the data available to me. If I am making a case for abuse I will go ahead and include the RT into the report as if it was a standard Tweet, after all it is just that. If I want to call out the report to contain RT’s specifically I will make a note such as the following:


Retweet ID of 83838383838838383 which is a RT of 8383838383883883 represented as a URL https://twitter


Or “note that the following Tweet ID’s or Retweet ID’s are represented as URL’s and the URL will resolve to the original Tweeter.


Use whatever type of tool you want I often just use findstr


findstr /V /c:”RT @” datasource.txt


/V above “Prints only lines that do not contain a match.”


Removing the /V would show only the lines that do contain a match


Example data output

POTUS_tweets.txt:POTUS,Twitter for iPhone,604024846574620674,2015-05-28 20:42:00,,False,en,,,,”RT @JustineinTampa: @POTUS I’m 30 now, but I’ve been promotin



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