Hendrick Porter involved in carjacking in Metairie released and Lyndell Mays out on bond

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Hendrick Porter pictured above also known as “Little Hein” who was being held in relation to a Metairie carjacking from July 2014 was released from the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center (JPCC) today. He was the third person arrested in relation to the carjacking which made news headlines at the time. Hendrick Porter was able to secure his own release by using a jail house provided form for “Motion for release without bond pending trial” however the district attorney refused the charges therefore ending his Jefferson Parish case.

Hendrick Porter was also being held on items out of New Orleans and tems out of Kenner. He is currently in custody at New Orleans OPP and is being booked. As of this writing his charges include aggravated assault and home invasion. He is also being held on two items out of Kenner.

Lyndell Mays who was arrested related to the incident is out on bond for $25,0000 as of 8/6/2014.

Antonio Marcelin is currently in jail for armed robbery related to the incident.


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