Bourbon Street shooting escalation of events leading up to shooting

I live and work in New Orleans and work in the French Quarter. In addition I am out there a lot and know many of the people who were eye witnesses to the shooting. I took a lot of time to investigate this from many angles and here is how I believe it started.

After reviewing the Cat’s Meow Earth cam video several times including in slow motion then talking with witnesses I came up with the following. I am leaving out a lot of detail but this makes sense.

Eye witness reports that the group I asked about which is a group of white people claimed to be from New York and they were very rude. They caused problems with lots of people.

All of these pictures come from the EarthLink video . The video can be found at the following You Tube link:

This one is 3:49 The group is circled below.

If you watch the video closely you can see the guy in the what appears to be a blue shirt tap his pocket or butt several times. Eye witness reports that this started over an argument with someone bumping into someone or possibly touching someone and a girl was involved.

Below all of these people are involved in a confrontation to some degree, not physical just yet. The black guy in the white shirt to the far left of the photo ends up walking off to the left, in the direction of where shooter 2 ends up coming from.

Below three males are circled. The males in the right of the picture appear to just have fist bumped and going to go after someone. The girls involved are getting ready to inform the male in the left of the photo that the two other guys are headed off in that direction.

In this photo you can see the guy in the blue shirt, he is on the far right now in a full sprint.

The male in the blue shirt has now returned and the girl in the red shirt is wiping his face with her hand.

The group now appears to be happy around the 5 minute mark in the video.

5:07 shooting starts. The person circled is probably or very likely victim 1 and a part of the original escalation of events. Shooter 1 would be somewhere to the bottom of this picture and probably in the middle of the street. This information is from an eye witness. I know race has come up in this matter the witness reports the shooters to be black and the rude group to be white.

Gunman 2 comes out and shoots in the general direction of this group of white people that I just pointed out. At this moment in time people are in a scatter but the person I suggest is victim one is still standing there.

Street is now clear but the person I suggest is a part of the group is still there (vic 1). The way this person first walked up to the group when they come on camera makes me doubt they are all together. They may have just met. Also there are no victims listed from NY. I believe the eye witness to have good information in that they at least claimed to be from NY.

I suspect this person on the ground to be the same as what I have been calling Victim 1.

Thoughts? Comments?

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