NEW ORLEANS, LA. – The NOPD has arrested 41-year-old Terry Moten for a Shoplifting incident that took place on December 15, 2014, inside of Family Dollar located at 2147 South Claiborne Avenue. Police are asking for the public’s assistance in locating and identifying two additional suspects wanted for the Shoplifting.

On December 15, at approximately 9:05 a.m., the suspects entered the store and walked out without paying for merchandise valued at approximately $800.00. The suspects fled east on South Claiborne Avenue, south on Saint Andrew Street, and then in an unknown direction.

This morning, Moten returned to the store when the manager immediately recognized him as one of the suspects who had shoplifted. The manager then called the police and Moten was apprehended. Moten was booked with Theft of Goods and Illegal Possession of Stolen Things.

The first pictured suspect was described as a black male, medium build, and clean shaven. He was wearing blue jeans, a black jacket with a red design over a red shirt, and white shoes.

The second pictured suspect was described as a black male, medium build, and clean shaven. He was wearing a black wool cap, dark pants, a gold and black Saints windbreaker, and white and black tennis shoes.

Below are photographs of the suspects currently wanted for the shoplifting.


A video of the suspects can be viewed here.

Citizens with information about crime are asked to call Crimestoppers at 822-1111 or toll-free 1-877-903-STOP(7867) or Text your crime tip to C-R-I-M-E-S (274637), Text TELLCS then your crime information. You could receive a cash reward of up to $2,500 for information leading to the arrest and indictment of the person(s) responsible. You do not have to give your name nor testify to receive the reward. Citizens can also submit an anonymous tip online to Crimestoppers at


Officer Garry Flot




NEW ORLEANS LA.- The NOPD is asking for the public’s assistance in locating 17-year-old Saundrea Fenasci, who was last seen by her mother on December 15, 2014 inside of their home in the 1800 block of Peniston Street.

On December 14, 2014, Fenasci left the house without her mother’s permission. On the following day, she returned and packed a suitcase of clothes and left the house without her mother’s permission again.

Fenasci has not been seen or heard from since.

Fenasci was described as a female 5’0”tall, and about 150 pounds. She was last seen wearing dark pants and a white shirt.

Below is a photograph of Saundrea Fenasci.


If you should know the whereabouts of Saundrea Fenasci, please contact the New Orleans Police Department at 821-2222 or Sixth District Detectives at 658-6060.


Officer Garry Flot

Crime is being reported before it happens on social media

It is amazing how much crime is either reported by the offender before it happens, a crime is committed in the act of posting on social media, or evidence of crimes is posted. The more I look at social media Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram it is just amazing how much breadcrumbs and evidence is left behind.

As an experiment I investigated numerous random postings. In almost all cases law enforcement was already engaged. Any person with some knowhow and a computer can look up so much information.

With this going on in Ferguson and elsewhere it brings this issue to light more so than ever. People who barely know how to function online are committing and documenting their crimes. To make this even more absurd some crimes are being actually videotaped.

In the most recent insane example is that of Joshua Williams who goes by the Twitter name @TheRealJosh95 took a lead role in the protests in Ferguson. He went on to Tweet brags about how they burned it down after the fires occurred.

Then a man was killed by a police officer after he pulled a loaded weapon trying to murder the responding officer. The officer had been dispatched to a theft where the man matched the description. The man did not know his firearm and failed to take the gun off of safe and was killed in a justifiable homicide by the police officer. There was outrage and protest and Joshua Williams committed arson on multiple cameras one of which was taken by a fellow protester and posted on social media.

Joshua Williams was profiled by MSNBC here

As an IT professional I can assure you that your digital footprints are left everywhere. Once you decide to hit send, post, update, or whatever it is there for life. Social media platforms that provide API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) and usable front ends for us to use like or keep details logs and history. They do cooperate with law enforcement so do not think for a second discussing crime in a private session protects you.

If you get online understand what you are doing.

Please people do not die and become the next hashtag on some social media platform.

Greg Lirette


Antonio Martin’s firearm thoughts

I’ve been thinking about this a little since the Antonio Martin shooting. The details around the firearm that Antonio Martin had. No one walks around with a semi-automatic firearm for self-defense without it being fully loaded, that is full magazine and one chambered.

I believe the firearm holds 10 rounds in total but he was carrying it with 6.

The only logical reason for that is that the firearm was stolen and fired and Antonio did not have ammo to reload the firearm and was too afraid to go into a store and buy more.

Further I suspect someone before Antonio stole the firearm and defaced it and Antonio either bought or stole it from them.

I believe he test shot the firearm 4 times and in that practice he did not really practice much with the safety.

Antonio knew a pat down was probably coming and decided to act first. Interestingly enough if the firearm was not used in the theft he probably would at most by charged with some minor firearms violations as I do not believe Antonio died as a convicted felon, he was headed in that direction.

Did he try to fire this with his left hand?

Bourbon Street shooting escalation of events leading up to shooting

I live and work in New Orleans and work in the French Quarter. In addition I am out there a lot and know many of the people who were eye witnesses to the shooting. I took a lot of time to investigate this from many angles and here is how I believe it started.

After reviewing the Cat’s Meow Earth cam video several times including in slow motion then talking with witnesses I came up with the following. I am leaving out a lot of detail but this makes sense.

Eye witness reports that the group I asked about which is a group of white people claimed to be from New York and they were very rude. They caused problems with lots of people.

All of these pictures come from the EarthLink video . The video can be found at the following You Tube link:

This one is 3:49 The group is circled below.

If you watch the video closely you can see the guy in the what appears to be a blue shirt tap his pocket or butt several times. Eye witness reports that this started over an argument with someone bumping into someone or possibly touching someone and a girl was involved.

Below all of these people are involved in a confrontation to some degree, not physical just yet. The black guy in the white shirt to the far left of the photo ends up walking off to the left, in the direction of where shooter 2 ends up coming from.

Below three males are circled. The males in the right of the picture appear to just have fist bumped and going to go after someone. The girls involved are getting ready to inform the male in the left of the photo that the two other guys are headed off in that direction.

In this photo you can see the guy in the blue shirt, he is on the far right now in a full sprint.

The male in the blue shirt has now returned and the girl in the red shirt is wiping his face with her hand.

The group now appears to be happy around the 5 minute mark in the video.

5:07 shooting starts. The person circled is probably or very likely victim 1 and a part of the original escalation of events. Shooter 1 would be somewhere to the bottom of this picture and probably in the middle of the street. This information is from an eye witness. I know race has come up in this matter the witness reports the shooters to be black and the rude group to be white.

Gunman 2 comes out and shoots in the general direction of this group of white people that I just pointed out. At this moment in time people are in a scatter but the person I suggest is victim one is still standing there.

Street is now clear but the person I suggest is a part of the group is still there (vic 1). The way this person first walked up to the group when they come on camera makes me doubt they are all together. They may have just met. Also there are no victims listed from NY. I believe the eye witness to have good information in that they at least claimed to be from NY.

I suspect this person on the ground to be the same as what I have been calling Victim 1.

Thoughts? Comments?

Improving your Facebook privacy and security

This question has come up by a few friends recently so I thought I would cover a quick few items that make a huge difference in Facebook privacy.

Facebook has changed its interface over time. I think we all make a best effort to show what we want to the public but may not be aware of the various options available to us.

Please ask questions you have about this blog in either Twitter @Glirette or E-mail

Create lists to include friends into – This can be done by flicking the ‘F’ on the upper left side then clicking “Friends”


These are fairly large screenshot you can click to make it clearer.




It is a good idea to view your public Timeline in two ways:

1) How does your Timeline look to a person who is not currently your friend?

2) How does your Timeline look for a certain person who is your friend but not in any other lists?


Who can see your future posts? I have mine set to custom with a list name of semi-trusted. This way I can set posts and pictures to be viewed by this list only but still have friends be on Facebook without seeing them.


You set your default security for new posts by making a new post and choosing your sharing level. So I will sometimes make a dummy post which I delete setting the security to semi-trusted.


Limit The Audience for Old Posts on Your Timeline:


“If you use this tool, content on your timeline you’ve shared with friends of friends or Public will change to Friends. Remember: people who are tagged and their friends may see those posts as well.

You also have the option to individually change the audience of your posts. Just go to the post you want to change and choose a different audience.”







By running this tool your previous posts will be set to security level of friends. This will remove the post from your public Timeline for posts that are currently viewable by people who are not your friends. This is assuming that the post was yours and not coming from someone else’s Timeline. If you are interested enough in my blog to read it I strongly suggest running this tool unless you have content you want to be visible to others who are not your friend.




Who can look me up?





This one is interesting because Facebook allows you to look someone up by phone number or E-mail address. It is actually very simple to go through Facebook and find someone’s phone number on Facebook using this method.  I would recommend one of two things here:




1) use a phone number that is not your main line. or

2) Set this to friends. Interestingly enough here you can guess someone’s phone number even though that person has their phone number set to only be viewable to themselves.


Keep in mind that if someone knows your phone number but not your name or anything else about you they can look you up on Facebook by default.






Hide friends – I think it is critical for everyone to hide their friend list. This list is often used by both attackers and stalkers to do all sorts of things. Be polite to your friends even if you don’t care about it yourself, hide your friend list!







You can hide everything in your about section of your profile except your sex. Facebook needs to ability to say “him” or “her”. Everything else can be shown or not depending on your preference.





One of the biggest items I see people looking over when they secure their profile myself included is hiding your group memberships. This is not a setting that you can put a list on for security so I would use “Manage Sections” to remove it and everything else that you are able to remove.



You cannot remove About, Photo’s, and Friends. You can limit what is in About to sex only. Limit Photo’s by using security although for profile and Timeline pic is always public. You can hide your friends as previously discussed.



Removing groups and interests from Timeline – View your public Timeline and click on the Manage section which looks like a Pen.








If you are unsure if you really want to unfriend someone just yet or want to limit what they see put them in the restricted list. You do this by going to your friends Timeline and on their cover photo where it said “Friends” click that and select “add to another list”. Once they are in restricted they basically see nearly the same as if they were not your friend.

If you are in any networks this is viewable to anyone who can see your Timeline which is everyone unless they are blocked.




Make use of the View As option to see what your Timeline looks like to a certain person.





Blocking people – If you have reason to not allow a certain person to see you on Facebook or that you would rather not see block them. Make generous use of block then later if needed you can go back and remove people.

This makes you and the person you blocked invisible to each other on Facebook, exception is games and apps that are on Facebook that both of you participate in. On that note I strongly suggest against playing any games on Facebook and limiting your applications for security reasons.



Hope this helped feel free to ask questions – Greg Lirette

Hallmark Hall of Fame movie on ABC A Smile As Big As The Moon tune in now

This Friday we saw the premiere of “A Smile as Big as the Moon”. Later it aired on ABC. It was great to meet the actors and real life people behind the book and movie.

Scott Goudy holding the mike on stage with Logan Huffman on his right.

Catherine Baker who was a Space Camp Tweetup attendee and myself.

Logan Huffman who played Scott Goudy and myself

Scott Goudy that the role was based on and myself

More pics available at

Some great resources for digging deeper into Windows virtualization

This is a recent blog post, I am porting it over to WordPress. If you want to understand virtualization I think these links are extremly helpful


Recently I found myself immersed more in the world of Windows virtualization beyond just released products but looking at Windows virtualization in a more abstract manner. In reality I was preparing for what I expected to be extremely tough virtualization interviews and wanted to get my information directly from the source and not deal with marketing or preapproved documentation. What ended up happening is my search for a great virtualization position ended up landing me in position focused on the Windows platform in general dealing with some of the largest Microsoft deployments.

One frustrating thing that I found is that the majority of IT pro’s I speak with still consider virtualization to be “VDI”. Virtualization is a very broad term and if you didn’t really get how broad it can be and you are a Windows geek I think a couple of hours of your time will pay off.

Before you go any further in this blog let me set the expectation for the type of information contained here. The expected reader of this is assumed to understand the architecture of Windows NT/Windows Server, concept of a hypervisor, application virtualization, session virtualization (Terminal Server), and the common pitfalls of attempting to virtualize applications today in any manner. It helps if you understand operating system development concepts or at least writing code that interfaces tightly with the Windows operating system.

All of the links provided here are existing Microsoft documents or videos.

The first link is about Drawbridge – a codename from Microsoft research where they are investigating the development of a library operating system running in a sandbox. This may seem a little boring to some but if you watch it I think it will really open your mind to what the possibilities can be when it comes to virtualizing applications in Windows.

The next video goes fairly deep into App-V. This video is old but I highly encourage you to watch it. I learned a few things about interesting ways to use App-V. This video also opened my mind and reminded me of ways to approach programming concepts. If you are a fan of App-V and/or Remote Desktop this is well worth the watch.

Technet link explaining shims


Detours – This is not a new concept or new information but understanding this concept in my opinion is critical to being a Windows virtualization expert.


Greg Lirette – @glirette on Twitter