Antonio Martin’s firearm thoughts

I’ve been thinking about this a little since the Antonio Martin shooting. The details around the firearm that Antonio Martin had. No one walks around with a semi-automatic firearm for self-defense without it being fully loaded, that is full magazine and one chambered.

I believe the firearm holds 10 rounds in total but he was carrying it with 6.

The only logical reason for that is that the firearm was stolen and fired and Antonio did not have ammo to reload the firearm and was too afraid to go into a store and buy more.

Further I suspect someone before Antonio stole the firearm and defaced it and Antonio either bought or stole it from them.

I believe he test shot the firearm 4 times and in that practice he did not really practice much with the safety.

Antonio knew a pat down was probably coming and decided to act first. Interestingly enough if the firearm was not used in the theft he probably would at most by charged with some minor firearms violations as I do not believe Antonio died as a convicted felon, he was headed in that direction.

Did he try to fire this with his left hand?

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