Two Arrested for Illegal Possession of Gun, Drugs & Tampering


NEW ORLEANS – Officers in the Eighth District have arrested Jamal Ghoram (DOB: 05-29-91) for illegal possession of a concealed weapon while in illegal possession of marijuana and Arielle Brooks (DOB: 11-04-93) for obstruction of justice after she was seen tampering with evidence.

The incident happened on April 17, 2018. At 10:25 p.m., Eighth District Officers Rayvon Souffrant and Colin Niselman were patrolling in the 400 block of Bourbon Street on foot when Ghoram approach a subject identified as Joshua Hulbert in front of Fat Catz Bar. The officers then observed Ghoram place two plastic bags of what appeared to be marijuana in Hulbert’s front-right pocket. As officers approached Hulbert, he produced the two plastic bags containing marijuana from his pocket. Both Hulbert and Ghoram were placed under arrest.

As the officers placed Ghoram in handcuffs, Brooks approached Ghoram and reached into his waistband near his left hip, and grabbed a silver and black handgun that was concealed on him.

Through the course of the investigation, the officers confiscated seven individual plastic bags containing marijuana, four plastic zip lock bags each containing brownies. After being advised of his Miranda rights, the subject told officers that the brownies contained marijuana. The officers also confiscated a Smith and Wesson .40 caliber Pistol with nine live rounds in the magazine and one live round in the chamber of the weapon. Ghoram did not have a concealed carry weapons permit on him.

He was arrested for illegal possession of a concealed weapon while in illegal possession of a schedule I controlled dangerous substance to with marijuana. Arielle Brooks was arrested for obstruction of justice by tampering with evidence. Officers also issued a summons to Joshua Hulbert for simple possession of marijuana.

Anyone with any information on the incident should contact any Eighth District officer at 504-658-6080.

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Jayson Locke captured and in custody with no bond set – St. Tammany Parish for AGGRAVATED ASSAULT W/FIREARM

This blog will be updated with more info


Updated: 5/17/2018 , 5/29/2018

Locke was captured as a large result due to this very blog used in an unusual manner.

Court update: On 05/15/2018 Locke appeared before DANIEL FOIL, COMMISSIONER for a “seventy-two hour hearing”  to determine bond and counsel. The court ordered that no bond be set.

Jury trial scheduled for 07/09/2018. Keep in mind these are often continued but that is what is scheduled for now.


With my assistance Jayson Locke was captured on 5/12/2018 in Florida by bounty hunter(s).

Photo of him taken a short time ago before they started headed back to St. Tammany. Also his most recent mug shot.

Jayson Todd Locke DOB 03/21/1977 failed to show up to court related to the charge of Aggravated Assault with a firearm in Tammany Parish.

After relocating to St. Tammany Parish from Lake County, FL where he has multiple felony convictions, Jayson used a lady’s gun when he entered a bar to confront someone.

He was bonded out but failed to show up for court on 4/13/2018 and fled Louisiana.

St. Tammany Parish Court Division A (Judge RAYMOND S. CHILDRESS) under Docket# 597703 has issued an attachment.

Jayson Locke is seen below in a Facebook photo posted of him just shortly after he bonded out on this current charge in Louisiana.

Older post from his Facebook page below


His Florida record can be found at the below link